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2012 Summer

No Way Around But Through
No Way Around But Through
Jun 1-Jul 8
The Mineral Theater Company
Written by Scott Caan
Directed by Val Lauren
Starring Bre Blair, Scott Caan, Robyn Cohen, Melanie Griffith and Val Lauren
Recommended Age: 13+
"The talk Caan has penned is clever … Under Val Lauren's bright, brisk direction, No Way Around But Through's cast deliver finely-tuned performances … [Griffith] is, in a word, superb." - StageSceneLA

About the Show

The Mineral Theater Company
Written by Scott Caan
Directed by Val Lauren

Opening Night is June 3 at 7pm.

When Jacob (Scott Caan) discovers that his girlfriend Holly (Robyn Cohen) might be pregnant, he drags his friend Frank (Val Lauren) into the maddening wormhole that is his psyche, a venture that lands them on the doorstep of Lulu (Melanie Griffith): Jacob's mother and the matriarch of madness herself. However, Holly and her friend Rachel (Bre Blair) are one step ahead of them. No Way Around But Through is a dark, thoughtful and quirky romantic comedy about facing the inevitable dysfunctions of life and love head-on, and a reminder to never let where you've been get in the way of where you're going.

Cast & Creative Team


Bre Blair
Scott Caan
Robyn Cohen
Melanie Griffith
Val Lauren


Amanda Carlin
Laura Covelli
Christian George


Director: Val Lauren
Scenic Designer: Keit Mitchell
Costume Designer: Kim DeShazo
Lighting Designer: Nick McCord
Sound Designer: Robert Arturo Ramirez
Props Designer: Heather Ho
Projection Designer: Moe Dean
Stage Manager: Dale Alan Cooke
Associate Producer: Benjamin Neivert


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