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2016-2017 Season

For Piano and Harpo
For Piano and Harpo
Feb 1-Mar 5
Written by and Starring Dan Castellaneta
Directed by Stefan Novinski
With JD Cullum
Deb Lacusta, Gail Matthius, Phil Proctor, Jonathan Stark
On Sale Jan 4
Running Time with Intermission: approximately 120 minutes
Talkback Thursdays: Feb 16 & 23, Mar 2
Recommended Age: 13+
"It is by far one of the most unique and compelling theatrical performances in modern theatre." –LA Post Examiner

About the Show

A new play Written by & Starring Dan Castellaneta
Directed by Stefan Novinski

Opening Night is February 10 at 8pm.

Oscar Levant, the brilliant, witty, pill-popping concert pianist, wakes up to find himself in the Psych Ward of Mt. Sinai Hospital. His past collides with his present, as he grapples with his demons to save his marriage and his sanity. It's a nightmarish, and sometimes hilarious journey, from addiction to redemption, as he verbally jousts with Jack Paar, is haunted by the genius of George Gershwin, and moves in with his only friend, Harpo Marx.

Talkback Thursdays

Ticketholders attending Thursday night performances on February 16 & 23, and March 2 are welcome to participate in an informal Q&A discussion with members of the show

Talkback Moderators

February 16: Vince Waldron is an Emmy-winning writer, playwright, and pop culture critic. His books include The Official Dick Van Dyke Show Book, and Classic Sitcoms, an acclaimed study of television comedy and its influences.

February 23: Mark Evanier has been a professional writer since 1969 writing comic books (Scooby Doo, Blackhawk, Tarzan, Groo the Wanderer and many others), live-action TV (Welcome Back, Kotter; That's Incredible!, Love Boat, Pryor's Place), animation (The Garfield Show, Dungeons & Dragons, ABC Weekend Special, dozens of others), books (Kirby: King of Comics, MAD Art) and stuff for stand-up comedians. He has taught comedy writing at USC and he has has received three Emmy nominations (no wins) and an award from the Writers Guild of America for lifetime achievement in animation writing.

March 2: Fred Willard, Emmy winner and four time Emmy nominee, radiates a unique charm that has established him as one of our generation's most gifted comic actors. An alumnus of The Second City and a founding member of the classic improv group the Ace Trucking Company. Film: Waiting For Guffman, Best in Show, This Is Spinal Tap, The Magic of Belle Isle, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, A Mighty Wind, For Your Consideration, Monster House, and WALL-E. Emmy nominations: Everybody Loves Raymond, Modern Family, What's Hot, What's Not, and an Emmy win for The Bold and the Beautiful. Fred can be seen on Netflix in MASCOTS, the latest film from Christopher Guest, and on Modern Family.

Cast & Creative Team


Dan Castellaneta
JD Cullum
Deb Lacusta
Gail Matthius
Phil Proctor
Jonathan Stark
Pianist: David O
Harpist: Jillian Risigari-Ga


Jonathan Arkin
Jeff Blumberg
Heather L. Tyler


Director: Stefan Novinski
Music Supervisor: David O
Scenic Designer: Stephen Gifford
Costume Designer: Kate Bergh
Lighting Designer: Jean-Yves Tessier
Sound Designer: Drew Dalzell
Props Master: Mallory Birkrem
Stage Manager: Leia Crawford


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