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2014-2015 Season

A or B?
A or B?
Oct 15-Nov 16
Written by Ken Levine
Directed by Andrew Barnicle
Starring Jason Dechert and Jules Willcox
Recommended Age: 16+
"The world premiere of A or B? is full of surprises and never disappointing" – Splash Magazine

About the Show

Written by Ken Levine
Directed by Andrew Barnicle

Opening Night is October 24 at 8pm.

In corporate New York City, Abby Morgan (Jules Willcox) interviews with Ben Steele (Jason Dechert) for a high-profile marketing job. Sparks fly between them, but will they pursue love or profession? Is it possible to do both? This romantic comedy carries two stories in one, turning romance on its head as we see Abby and Ben travel down two parallel lives, pitting destiny vs. choice, love vs. career, ambition vs. passion and man vs. woman.

Cast & Creative Team


Jason Dechert
Jules Will


Josh Covitt
Lori Eve Marinacci


Director: Andrew Barnicle
Set & Costume Designer: Bruce Goodrich
Lighting Designer: Jeremy Pivnick
Sound Designer: Drew Dalzell
Props Designer: John McElveney
Casting Director: Sandi Logan
Stage Manager: Dale Alan Cooke


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