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2008 Garry Marshall Presents

Jun 22 & 24
Identical Twins Doing a One Man IMPROV Show
Starring Peter Vogt & Paul Vogt
Accompanied by Rachel Lawrence

About the Show

TWIN-PROV comes from the Latin; Twinneculum and improvitus which, in short, translates to "Beings split from the same egg making up a comedy show on stage."

COME see these oddities of nature perform a character-driven, short-form improv show!

LIVE comedy scenes performed and made up from freaks of nature Peter and Paul Vogt!

STRANGE BUT TRUE The audience will assist the Twins when asked for suggestions of all kinds!

WATCH IN AWE as they use these shouted-out ideas to create instant theater!

SEE Rachael, the piano-playing princess, the only human who can musically improvise and support the double births!

Be AMAZED as they welcome a couple of guest stars to join in the fun.

LAUGH at two heads, two brains, two bodies equaling one man.

Always interesting, always entertaining, never the same show twice! It's not just improv, it's TWIN-PROV!

Peter and Paul Vogt are comedic actors here in Los Angeles. According to their mother, they started improvising in the womb. Originally from Buffalo, NY, the twins were very involved in theater and the comedy scene, performing in plays, musicals, sketch shows and creating their own improv groups. After college they moved to Orlando, FL. where they performed and helped create the improvisational/interactive show Streetmosphere for the Disney/MGM studios. While in Florida, the twins became fixtures in the theater and comedy community. They also filmed the television show Maxium Bob for ABC and director Barry Sonnenfeld (who at the time thought they were swamp men the casting person found… but that's another story). This brought them out to Los Angeles where they have once again become involved in the world of comedy, oh yeah and some drama …check out their Chicago Hope guest star. It is funny and tear-jerking. Soon they both found themselves working for Garry Marshall on stage in several family productions at the Falcon Theatre and in a couple of his movies. They have appeared together and separately in several film and television projects. Paul is most known for his work on MADtv and for starring on Broadway last year as 'Edna Turnblad' in Hairspray. Peter is constantly recognized as the cranky neighbor 'Mr. Donzig' on Hannah Montanna and is currently filming the lead role in the webisode Wanna Be Me.