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2003 Summer

Jun 19-Aug 24
Art Players, Inc.
Directed by Dimitri Bogatirev
Starring Iryna Ivanytska, Dimitri Bogatirev, and Philip Briggs
"Enchanting ... Humorous and wonderfully weird ... Arm the cannons and trash bags -- and let the paper fly." - Daily News

About the Show

Art Players, Inc.
Directed by Dimitri Bogatirev

From the veteran clowns of Cirque du Soleil's record-breaking shows, O and Alegria, AGA-BOOM is a unique theatrical event that will have the entire family—young and old alike—laughing, smiling and thinking with an exhilaration that is becoming increasingly rare in the live performance experience. Rooted in the unique style and universal language of clowning, AGA-BOOM cuts through the barriers of language and culture with the art of slapstick, the humor of physical comedy and the delighted excitement of childhood.

Cast & Creative Team


Iryna Ivanytska
Dimitri Bogatirev
Philip Briggs


Director: Dimitri Bogatirev